Monday 20 Feb 2017
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Events & Programs
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Get Involved
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COME SEE OUR DOGS!!... We have them out every Saturday, generally from 11:00 to 2:00, at one of the following locations: MONUMENT CAFE in Georgetown... DOGHOUSE DRINKERY in Leander... PETCO in Round Rock or Pflugerville... PETSMART in Round Rock...Check the EVENTS page on our Facebook site for the location of the next event!!


KENNI... Kenni is a gorgeous 7 year old American Bulldog mix who was abandoned by her owners at a local boarding facility. She has some special needs as we believe that Kenni has limited vision and cannot hear. Despite her impairments, she has a wonderful winning personality and loves people and other dogs. However, excitable smaller dogs, cats and small children may startle her because of her limited ability to hear and see them. We think that she would do wonderfully in a loving and understanding home, but without small pets and infants. Please consider adopting Kenni or providing her with a foster home. Her love will be worth it!

Fosters needed!

Georgetown Animal Outreach relies on foster homes and we need your help! Next to owning a dog or cat, there is nothing more rewarding than fostering one. Even if you already have a pet at home, you may still have enough room in your home and in your heart to help one less fortunate find a loving forever home......BECOME A FOSTER TODAY!!

GAO Monthly Meeting

GAO has monthly meetings on the FIRST TUESDAY of every month. These meetings are open to the public and are held on the second floor of the Georgetown Public Library, 401 South 8th Street, Georgetown, TX. Meetings BEGIN AT 6:00 PM and generally last for one hour. This is a great way to meet our board and get started with GAO!!

Paw-Some Blossoms!!

Paw-Some Blossoms are unique commissioned paw prints of your pup turned into wonderful, magical blossoms!!.... See our Events and Programs Page for details


GAO CARES ABOUT DISPLACED CATS!!... Please come join our wonderful Cat Ladies Group and help manage some of the displaced-cat colonies around Georgetown. We provide these fabulous felines with daily food and water, which makes them friendlier and easier to trap for Spay/Neuter and medical care. We rehome as many of these poor gypsies as we can, but those who are returned to their colonies make better neighbors in our community...TNR ABSOLUTELY WORKS!!


Community Involvement


GAO is active in Georgetown and the surrounding community in several ways.  Throughout the year, GAO volunteers can be found on Saturdays at such public places as The Monument Cafe in Georgetown, Doghouse Drinkery in Leander, and local area Petco and PetSmart stores. Here volunteers showcase animals available for adoption, so please check our EVENTS page on Facebook for exact times and locations.

Several GAO volunteers also perform duties at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, helping with administrative, daily cleaning, dog walks and special event tasks.  Refer to the RESOURCES links to learn more about these opportunities.

Through its fundraising efforts, GAO makes monetary donations to provide low cost spay & neuter, special medical assistance, supplies, and materials that contribute to the care of the animals.   Fundraising is accomplished through the generosity of the general public who wish to help in improving the lives and plight of sheltered animals.  Funds are also raised through grants sought by GAO from philanthropic foundations and organizations which support low-cost spay & neuter programs and other activities that aid unwanted and sheltered animals.