Monday 20 Feb 2017

Adoption Process


The GAO Adoption Application process helps us determine which pets will be the most compatible with your family and lifestyle. The animal's welfare is our primary consideration when placing it into a home so some applicants may be refused if we feel the home is not well suited for the animal. GAO reserves the right to refuse an applicant without further explanation.

Basic adoption criteria:

  • You must be 21 years of age or older
  • You must be able to present identification showing your present address
  • All members of the household must agree to adopt the animal
  • If you rent, you must provide GAO with adoption consent from your landlord, if applicable
  • All potential adopters must consent to a home visit by a member of GAO

There is an adoption fee that covers medical care (like spays/neuters, shots, and heart worm and flea preventatives). These fees are considerably lower than the actual costs associated with each animal. We subsidize our rescues through fundraising and donations.

  • $95 for adult dogs
  • $195 for puppies
  • $50 for cats
  • $75 for kittens

Georgetown Animal Outreach is a 501c3 (tax deductible) organization and your adoption contribution is tax deductible. All animals will be vaccinated and spayed/neutered. However, we cannot guarantee the health of these animals. Most came from regional animal shelters and might have a short history in our foster program. Of course, we hope they are healthy and have done our best to provide them with good health care and shelter. All have been examined by a veterinarian.

Please complete the application below and return it to Georgetown Animal Outreach.

GAO Adoption Application