Monday 20 Feb 2017

The GAO Board of Directors will consider requests for emergency medical assistance for owned pets in Williamson County.  This is accomplished in cooperation with local veterinarians.  Please be aware that GAO will not make a monetary donation to the pet owner, any contributions from this fund are only paid to the veterinarian.

For more information call GAO at 512-863-6006


GAO can provide a certificate for use at a local veterinarian for the spay or neuter of your pet.   This program is for owned pets (dogs and cats) in Williamson County,  with a focus on assisting low-income pet owners.  A co-payment is greatly appreciated to help keep this program going.

For more information, please call GAO at 512-863-6006.


GAO oversees the welfare of around thirteen colonies of displaced (or "free-roaming") cats in the Georgetown area. Although some of these community cats were born into individual colonies, many of them are former family pets who have been displaced by unfortunate circumstances. Our TNR group provides these cats with food and water every day. This helps to better socialize them and makes them more trusting of people. Unaltered cats (especially kittens), and those with pressing medical needs, are trapped and proper care is provided to them by GAO.

Cats and kittens who are deemed adoptable find forever homes or can be placed into one of our sister barn-cat programs. Healthy cats who cannot be socialized with humans are returned to their colonies where they live out their lives in peace and harmony with the community. TNR programs like ours help establish healthier and calmer cat colonies, whose overall populations will steadily decline over time. Most importantly, these cats are fully innoculated and therefore pose no threat to the community or to family pets.


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  • Phone: 512-863-6006